4mm Float Glass for sale with bottom price

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The float glass is produced through the float process. The raw materials is melted under high temperature in the melting furnace, the melted glass inflow and float on the surface of molten tin from the melting furnace. Under the force of gravity and surface tension, the molten glass spread,flattening and form the up and down plagiarizing surface, then will be hardened slowly and drawn onto the lift-up roller. With the roller rotation, the glass will be dragged from the molten tin bath, and enter into the annealing furnace, after the annealing and cutting, the production process of float glass is finished.

There are different grades of the float glass, normally it can be divided into mirror grade, automobile grade and construction grade. Its high light transmittance make the float glass with broader vision, can be used in different fields.

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4mm Float Glass for sale with bottom price


1 Good light transmittance. The light transmittance for the clear float glass is higher than 80%, its good daylighting effect can save much electric energy in the day time, needn’t switch on the light, have good energy saving performance.

2 Superior chemical properties. The float glass can be stored continuously without impact or acid-base under the dry conditions. Even after deep processing, if the installation is right and maintenance is suitable, the glass can be used to the end together with other materials.

3 Perfect mechanical properties. The float glass can be cut, drill, grinding, make slots, polishing, painting, coating, tempered,etc according different requirements. In the cutting or drilling process, the float glass isn’t easy to be broken. The flatness for the float glass is good, can be used to make other glass, such as mirror, laminated glass, tempered glass, insulated glass and so on.



The float glass can be used to make deep processed glass, such as mirror, laminated glass, insulated glass, painted glass, acid etched glass and so on, which can be used in the architecture, furniture, decoration, optical instrument etc.  

Now its major application is in the construction field, the float glass can be used in the facades, windows, doors,balcony,skylights,greenhouse, handrails,balustrades,partitions,showcases,display shelve and so on.



Glass Thickness: 2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm/19mm,etc

Glass Size:2440mm×1830mm/3300mm×2140mm/3300mm×2250mm/3300mm×2440mm/3660mm×2140mm,etc


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