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Nobler Curved Tempered Glass, also called curved safety glass. The manufacture process of curved tempered glass is similar with tempered glass. The difference is that before the cooling process, the glass is bent under it’s gravity and outside forces, the shape and radian is according the requirements. As the safety glass, curved tempered glass have the same performance as tempered glass, is harmless to humans once the glass is broken.

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Curved tempered glass, curved glass


1 Excellent safety performance. Same as tempered glass, once the glass is broken, it will shatter into jagged shards, and fracture into small harmless pieces, could protect people from been injured.

2 Good wind pressure resistance. Curved tempered glass have better wind pressure resistance than other kind of glass, because of it’s unique shape with outstanding quality.

3 Superior impact resistance. Curved tempered glass have at least 4 times strength performance than normal glass. The tempering process enhanced the glass strength, making it outstanding in the impact resistance.

4 Good thermal shock resistance. Curved tempered glass could remain intact under temperature change about 200℃, it is 3 times better than normal glass.


China curved tempered glass becomes more and more popular in recent years. Not only because of the excellent safety and strength performance same as tempered glass, but also the unique shape appearance bring more beautiful feeling for the building. In the construction and curtain wall, large demand is required. Other place, such as facade, shower door, fence, furniture, revolving door, shopfront and skylight, also need high quality curved tempered glass.


Glass Thickness: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm,etc

Glass size: According request, Maximum size is 12000mm×3300mm, Minimum size is 600mm×400mm.

Minimum radius:450mm

Maximum Arch Height:1100mm

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