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Digital printing glass is produced with the most advanced technology to heat ceramic ink onto glass surface during the toughening process. Compared to other printing glass, digital printing glass offers more flexibility for designers. Not only different patterns, colorful image and attractive graphics can be printed on glass, even marble and wood grain could appear on glass surface vividly. The ceramic ink is fritted on glass surface and becomes an integral part of glass, then the durability appearance is excellent.

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Digital printling glass on tempered glass for decoration


1 Extreme durability performance. The ceramic ink frit on glass surface through the tempering process, and become a part of the digital printing glass, so the durability performance is excellent, the color is hard to fade.

2 More accurate and exact images. True photo realistic patterns without limitation. Extremely details could be printed on glass vividly, bring higher glass performance with the most advanced technology.

3 Good moisture resistance and acid resistance, scratch resistance and excellent weather resistance.

4 Efficient and cost-effective solution for glass required. Not only for large facades, but also suitable for single piece glass.

5 Excellent safety performance. Digital printing glass is manufactured with toughening process, have good safety properties as tempered glass or toughening glass.


China digital printing glass provides the solution with a wide range of colors and patterns, the deeper vibrancy and translucency performance offers an efficient and comprehensive printing glass solutions, have been widely used in architectural, industrial and interior design applications, such as facades walls, partitions, backsplashes, shopfronts and office.


Glass Thickness: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm,etc

Glass size: According request, Maximum size could reach to 6000mm×3200mm

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