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Nobler Louver Glass is produced by cutting the glass into required size and polishing or grinding the two long edges. After installation, the louver glass allow ventilation, and it is adjustable without obstructing the view. Fresh air, light and breeze is permitted to pass through the louver glass. The louver glass are installed onto a track, it is tilted open and closed in unison. The louver glass type is comprehensive, such as clear louver glass, tinted louver glass, reflective louver glass, frosted louver glass, LOW-E louver glass, patterned louver glass, laminated louver glass, stopsol clear louver glass, acid etched louver glass and so on.

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Louver glass, jalousie glass, louvre glass slats


1 Glass slats are adjustable to meet different requirements of ventilation. Different direction, different ventilation scope and speed is achieved by adjusting the angels of the glass blades.

2 Excellent lighting performance. The louver glass permit fresh air and light to pass through, then excellent lighting could be got without obstructing the view, make the room comfortable.

3 Easy maintenance. The louver glass is easily to clear, cost it little.

4 Excellent vision performance and ventilation performance.


China louver glass have different types, is widely used in windows, offices, bedrooms, living rooms and rest room. It is an elegant glass solution which need excellent ventilation performance. For some residence building, the louver glass is also used as outside decoration.


Glass Thickness: 4mm/5mm/5.5mm/6mm, etc

Glass Color:Clear/Extra Clear/Bronze/Green/Blue/Grey etc

Glass Type:Clear Float Glass/Tinted Glass/Reflective Glass/Patterned Glass/Laminated Glass/Acid etched Glass, etc

Glass Size:According request

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