Low e insulated glass for high-end buildings

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Glass is the major part of buildings, with more strictly requirements of glass and more comfortable living environment needs, low e insulated glass have been widely used with its features of energy-saving, constant temperature performance, good day lighting and beauty.

Low e insulated glass is consist of one piece low e glass or multiple pieces low e glass, between glass pieces is the space bar with desiccant, which sealed by the sealant. The low e glass also have various types, such as single silver low e coated glass, double silver low e coated glass, triple silver low e coated glass, high transparency low e glass, adumbral type low e glass and so on. Which type is suitable, it is according the design and the specific environment.


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Low e insulated glass for high-end buildings


1 Good energy saving performance. The thermal conductivity for low e insulated glass is much lower than single glass piece, and the heat exchange capacity reduced one-third, the energy saving effect is obviously.

2 Excellent optical performance. According different properties of various glass types which composed the insulated glass, the visible light transmittance is from 10% to 80%, and the reflectivity is from 13% to 35%.

3 Superior sound insulation. The noise in the city is around 75dB, with the low e insulated glass, the indoor noise could be reduced to 40dB, similar with the surroundings in the quiet country, it is comfortable for the living.

4 Perfect fog resistance. The dew point for the low e insulated glass with good sealing can reach to --40℃, which reduced the fogging phenomenon in normal conditions.

5 Good ultraviolet resistance. The low e glass have good ultraviolet-proof performance, most of the ultraviolet rays can be blocked by the low e glass outdoor. Then the color fading process and deteriorate of objects can be postponed.



Sun room,French window,Display freezer, and the places where need good sound insulation and thermal insulation, such as high-end office buildings, hotels, etc.

Please note that the low e film surface is normally on the #2 or 3# location on the insulated glass. On #2 or on #3 have different K value and shading coefficient, it should be on #2 or #3, need to consider the surroundings and requirements.



Glass type: Clear Glass/Extra Clear Glass/LOW-E glass/Tinted Glass/Reflective Glass


Spacer Thickness: 6mm/9mm/12mm/16mm/19mm,etc

Filled Gas: Air/Vacuum/Inert Gas(Argon,etc)

Size: According request

Maximum size:12000mm×3300mm

Minimum size: 300mm×100mm


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