Textured Glass used as glass partition,windows, doors

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Textured glass is also called patterned glass, figured glass, rolled glass and pressed glass. It is produced by pressing technology, before the hardening of the glass, different patterns is left on the glass surface by the engraved steel rollers after pulling and and squeezing process. The patterns is various with different depth, made the uneven glass surface with diffusion when the light transmitted, to form the opaque effect. Because it also have various shapes, straps and patterns on the glass surface, then the decoration effect is also superior.

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Textured Glass used as glass partition,windows, doors


1 Superior decoration performance. The opaque glass have various patterns can be choose, could meet different requirements to suit the surroundings. Different colors is also available, clear, bronze, amber, green, blue and so on, can be used to decorate different place.

2 Good performance on protect personal privacy. There is diffusion phenomenon when the light transmit the textured glass, which made the patterned glass with opaque effect, it is hard to see the objects on the back of the patterned glass, can provide privacy for humans.

3 Reduced the light pollution. The patterned glass can diffuse the light into different directions, reduced the bright light in a fixed direction, then bring the warm light effect to the room, maintain the friendly environment for people.

4 Easy maintenance. If there is dirt on the figured glass surface, the wet cloth could clean it well. If the dirt is hard to clean, using the cloth with baking soda or vinegar is a useful method.



The textured glass is widely used in the followed areas, such as room dividers,office partitions,glass-enclosed showers, frameless showers,entryway doors, Shower screen, office screens, bathroom windows, furniture, cabinets and other places need protect privacy.

Please note when installation, the surface with patterns should be the inner side.

Maple Leaf-patterned-glass


Glass Thickness:3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm,etc

Glass Size:1830mm×1220mm/2134mm×1524mm/2200mm×1900mm/ 2440mm×1830mm/3300mm×2140mm,etc

Glass Color: Clear/Ultra Clear/Bronze/Grey/Green/Amber,etc

Patterns:Nashiji/Mistlite/Diamond/Flora/Karatachi/Map/Bamboo/Chinchilla/Crystal/Hishicross/Kasumi/May flower/Millennium/Morgon/Puzzle/Rain/Woven/Moru/Oceanic,etc.

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