Triple silver low-e glass with low U value and low Sc

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As the major raw materials of curtain wall, glass plays an important role on the energy saving performance. According the statistics, the heating loss through windows and doors account for around 50% of the refrigeration and heating in the whole building, and the heating loss through glass accounts for around 80% of the whole windows and doors. Then the glass energy saving becomes the hardest part in the construction energy saving. To improve the thermal performance of construction glass is very important.

The appearance of triple silver low e glass provide an ideal solution for the requirements of high transmittance with low heat transfer coefficient. There are three silver layers in the triple silver low e glass, the substrate layers and barrier layers could protect and separate the silver layer to take effects, which allowed the visible light transfer the glass easily while reflect the far infrared rays effectively. Normally there are 15 layers in the triple silver low e glass. Compared to normal float glass and single silver low e glass, it have superior light transmittance and excellent solar heat reduction.

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Triple silver low-e glass with low U value and low Sc


1 High high transmittance. The natural lighting is perfect with the triple silver low e glass, the lighting energy consumption can be saved much, needn’t to switch on the light in the daytime under fine weather.

2 The total solar infrared heat transmittance is very low. Under the same shading coefficient, the  total solar infrared heat transmittance for triple silver low e is only one seventh of the single silver low e glass. Followed is the test data.


3 Good thermal insulation performance. The silver layers can filter the sunlight into cold light. In Summer, the heat can be blocked out to keep the indoor cold, in Winter, the heat can be kept indoor to keep warm.

4 Superior energy saving performance. The air conditioning energy consumption can be reduced greatly with the triple silver low e glass, the invest on the air conditioning equipment can be saved much.

5 More comfortable living conditions. The buildings with the triple silver low e glass can make the room more nice and cool in Summer, and in the Winter, the room is warmer. The people can have a comfortable and pleasant living.



The triple silver low e glass can meet the requirements of good light transmittance with low heat transfer coefficient, it is popular in the cold district with middle or high latitudes . It can be used in the high-end curtain walls,windows and doors, skylights, facades, and so on.


Glass Thickness: 4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm,etc

Glass Colors: Clear/Ultra Clear/Blue/Green,etc

Glass Size:2440mm×1830mm/3300mm×2140mm/3300mm×2250mm/3300mm×2440mm,etc


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