The application for different glass thickness

With the advance of science and technology, many different glass have been in the market, and glass thickness also been made the breakthroughs in China. Until now, the thinnest glass thickness is only 0.12mm, similar as the paper A4, it mainly used in the electronics field.

For the float glass which used mostly nowadays, what is the application for different thickness?

First, 3mm and 4mm float glass. This thickness glass is a little thin, now usually used in the picture frame. The 3mm and 4mm glass have good light transmittance, but light and portable.

Second, 5mm and 6mm float glass. This glass thickness could be used in the windows and doors, which with small areas. As the 5mm and 6mm float glass isn’t strong enough, if the areas are big, it is easily broken. But if tempered the 5mm and 6mm float glass, larger windows and doors could be installed with it.

Third, 8mm float glass. This thickness glass mainly used in the structure which have the frame protection and the areas is big. It mainly used in the indoor.

Fourth, 10mm float glass. It mainly used in the partitions ,balustrade and railings which in the indoor decoration.

Fifth, 12mm float glass. Usually this glass thickness could be used as glass door and other partitions which have large flow of people. As it is strong enough to resist the impact.

Sixth, glass thickness higher than 15mm. This glass thickness isn’t the normal thickness in the market, some times need to be custom made. Mainly used in big size windows and doors, and the external curtain wall.

With the different requirements and different glass emerged, other deep processed glass is more and more popular. Such as the tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, vacuum glass, fire rated glass and so on. Many of the deep processed glass are made from the float glass.


Post time: Jul-12-2022