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Nobler Silk Screen glass, also called silk screen printing glass, is a kind of decorative glass. The ceramic ink is fried on the glass surface by screen mesh with high temperature in tempering process, bring the exceptional durability. The pattern on glass is opaque and translucent. Silk screen printing glass is safety glass, it’s thermal performance is excellent. And it resist moisture and acid, have the effect of anti-glare and solar shading. Supply colorful decorative application for designers and architecture.

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Silk screen glass with different painting for decoration


1 Exceptional durability. The ceramic ink layer is fried on glass in tempering furnace. It’s acid resistance and moisture resistance properties could protect the colors for decades.

2 Abundant decorative effect.With various patterns and vivid patterns on glass, silk screen printing glass have an excellent decoration on modern buildings. The glass can be customized according to the requirements from customers.

3 Superior safety performance. Silk screen glass is tempered, once broken, the small particles is harmless to humans, have good safety properties.

4 Good solar control performance. The patterns could bring the privacy for humans, but also ensure rich light in the room, make it more comfortable.

5 Good anti-glare effect and resist scratch, resist acid and moisture.


China silk screen printing glass, have unique safety performance in the decoration, couldn’t be replaced by others. Multiple patterns with different colors enhance the aesthetics. The silk screen glass is the ideal product to be used as facades glass, curtain wall, partition glass, entrance glass, bathroom glass, cabinet glass, skylights. Operable windows, balconies, shelves, enclosures, storefronts, and shopfronts, etc.


Glass Thickness: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm,etc

Glass size: According request, Maximum size could reach to 6000mm×3200mm

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