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Nobler Fire resistant glass, also called fire rated glass. Same as PYRAN PLATINUM from SCHOTT in Germany, we have developed and produced the single piece fire-proof glass. It’s fire proof integrity could reach 120 minutes, and have high transparency, improving the penetrating sense of building and aesthetic feeling of construction. Under the conflagration, the fire resistant glass remains to guarantee the vision, then help to escape and rescue. Nobler fire-proof glass have 10% lower weight than normal glass, is the ideal fire rated glass solution.

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Fire resistant glass against fire at least 60 minutes


1 High optic performance. There is no nickle element in the glass, it’s visible light transmittance could reach 92%, the excellent optic performance ensure the perfect vision without distortion.

2 Superior chemical stability. Nobler fire resistant glass have good weathering resistance, it is acid resistant and alkali resistant.

3 Excellent fire resistant performance. The softening point is very high, it is higher than 843℃, maintain its integrity in the fire around 120 minutes, protect human safety well.

4 Much lower weight. Nobler fire rated glass is around 10% lower than normal glass on the weight, but with superior mechanical strength. This reduce the building weight dramatically.

5 Environmentally-friendly. The raw materials and production process to produce fire resistant glass is environmental protection, harmless to our living.

6 Easy to be deep processed. Could be cut, drilled, polished edges, coated film, laminated, tempered and so on.                                       semi truck radiator


China fire resistant glass is the ideal glass solution which required excellent fire-proof performance, such as glass curtain wall, fire-proof windows, hang wall, fire-proof partitions, fire-proof glass door, and partition wall which have no requirements about heat insulation.


Glass Thickness:4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm,etc

Glass size: According request, Maximum size could reach to 4800mm×2440mm

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