Heat-strengthened glass and semi-tempered glass

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The heat-strengthened glass is also called semi-tempered glass, is one kind of heat treated glass with 2 times larger strength than normal float glass. Its’ production process is similar as tempered glass, the float glass with fine grinding edges will be heat treated to around 600℃ in the glass tempering furnace, then the glass in the furnace will be treated by the cooling process, to improve its strength. The wind pressure is different when making the tempered glass and semi-tempered glass, then the tempered glass and heat-strengthen glass have different performance. The compressive stress for the heat strengthened glass surface is between 24MPa to 52MPa, but the compressive stress for the toughened glass surface is larger than 69MPa, meet the standard GB/T 17841-2008.

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Heat-strengthened glass and semi-tempered glass without Spontaneous explosion


1 Good strength. The compressive stress for the normal annealed glass is lower than 24MPa, but for semi-tempered glass, it could reach 52MPa, then the heat strengthened glass have good strength which is 2 times larger than normal float glass. The heat strengthened glass could bear higher impact force without broken.

2 Good thermal stability. The heat-strengthen glass could keep its shape without broken even there is 100℃ temperature difference on one glass plate. Its thermal resistant performance is better than normal annealed glass.

3 Good safety performance. After broken, the size of semi-tempered glass is larger than full tempered glass, but its’ flaw won’t cross. If the heat strengthened glass is installed with clamp or frame, after broken, the glass fragments will be fixed together by the clamp or frame, won’t drop to cause damage. So the heat-strengthen glass have a certain safety, but don’t belongs to safety glass.

4 Have good flatness than tempered glass without Spontaneous explosion. The heat strengthened glass have better flatness than full tempered glass, and there is no Spontaneous explosion. Could be used in high buildings to avoid the small broken glass fragments dropping, and cause damage to humans and other objects.



The heat-strengthened glass is widely used in the high curtain wall, outside windows, automatic glass door and the escalator. But it couldn’t be used in the skylight and other place where there is impact between the glass and humans.



1 If the glass thickness is thicker than 10mm, it is hard to be made into semi-tempered glass. Even the glass with thickness higher than 10mm treated by heat process and cooling process, it  couldn’t meet the standards as required.

2 The semi-tempered glass is same as tempered glass, couldn’t be cut, drill, make slots or grind edges. And it couldn’t be knocked against sharp or harden objects, otherwise it is easily broken.


Glass type: Annealed Glass, float glass, patterned glass, LOW-E glass, etc

Glass Color: Clear/Extra Clear/Bronze/Blue/Green/Grey, etc

Glass Thickness: 3mm/3.2mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm,etc

Size: According request

Maximum size:12000mm×3300mm

Minimum size: 300mm×100mm

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