Ultra Clear Float Glass

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Nobler Ultra Clear Float, also called low-iron float glass, and extra clear float glass. It is manufactured with high quality raw materials and by reducing the iron content. This avoid the greenish sight of clear float glass, but maintain glass strength and excellent performance.

The light transmittance of Nobler ultra clear float glass could be higher than 91.5%.

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Ultra clear float glass,low iron glass, extra clear glass


1 High level of light transmittance. Nobler ultra clear float glass is around 6% higher light transmittance than normal float glass, bring more beautiful transparent results in a space.

2 Creat more aesthetics. Low iron glass remains white, not greenish as other float glass, have been widely used in high-end market. It is called “Crystal Prince”in glass field.

3 High transparency. The excellent clarity is achieved through ultra clear float glass, and bring abundant light into rooms.


Nobler ultra clear float glass could be used in:

Windows and doors, building facades, skylights, balcony, greenhouse, commercial frontages

Showcases, display shelves, partitions, balustrades and handrails,

Glass furniture, table-tops, countertop,

Solar glass


Glass Thickness: 3mm/3.2mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm/19mm,etc

Glass Size:2440mm×1830mm/3300mm×2140mm/3300mm×2250mm/3300mm×2440mm/3660mm×2140mm,etc

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